Business Bellies Health Coaching FAQs is an article series highlighting some of the most frequent questions that our health experts get asked. You might find many of these things you’ve wondered yourself and now you can hear the answers from world class health and nutrition coaches.

Q: Is coffee good for my health?

A: The bottom line on coffee is this; if you are healthy and active, organic coffee is not bad for your health. In fact, moderate caffeine intake, as well as other micronutrients from organic coffee, can offer a variety of positive health benefits as well as significant performance benefits.

However, caffeine added to an unhealthy and stressed lifestyle places additional strain on our body, and this combination is unhealthy.

Coffee with milk or sugar—that is always bad for your health.

If you can discipline yourself to having a maximum of two small cups of organic coffee daily, consumed with healthy meals, or before cardio or weight training, then coffee can actually become a helpful tool for your performance and physique transformation goals. A morning coffee with a high protein and healthy fat breakfast is included in almost all of my performance diets, and for athletes and highly active individuals, a second coffee mid afternoon with a handful of raw almonds or macadamia nuts is also completely acceptable.

Now, when we say a cup of coffee, we don’t mean a large Starbucks. We’re talking about an artisan brewed freshly roasted and ground organic coffee in a small cup, providing a maximum of 125mg of caffeine.

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, cortisol issues, or if you have abused caffeine in the past, then we suggest you give this beloved bean a little break, and switch to enjoying one cup of green tea daily, or perhaps, try Yerba Mate tea. This invigorating South American plant has multiple health benefits, including a sustained release of energy with slightly less caffeine than coffee.

Remember, if you have been a coffee drinker for years, and you work at a stressful job, or live in a high-pressure environment, it is almost guaranteed that you adrenals are “tired”, meaning that you have energy issues and likely suffer from sleep issues, and possibly even have stress and anxiety issues. If this sounds like you, you need to get our premium stress management solution, CortiZen. CortiZen is nature’s most powerful solution for helping you to feel more relaxed, as it directly soothes your cortisol hormone, up regulates your adrenals, and takes stress off your nervous system. After a a couple weeks with CortiZen, you will start to function at a more efficient rate with sharper mind and memory, and improved natural daytime energy levels as well.

If you have a habit of starting your day with coffee, you should consider making it a habit to end your day with CortiZen. A dose shortly before bedtime will completely change the way you sleep, and will boost your mood and daytime energy levels. It’s the most health-enhacing way to completely upgrade your holistic health, day after day.

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